Max Müller about FOR FOREST:

The first time I heard about the project "For Forest", I was thrilled by it. I already knew about Max Peintner's famous drawing; but I must say that I also had my doubts... “Do we really need a large-scale art project in order to increase our awareness of nature and of us people, as a part of nature?” 

Or: “What will happen to the 200 trees after their life in the stadium?” And of course: “Who will pay for this?”

Max Müller with Klaus Littmann in the garden of the Villa FOR FOREST in Klagenfurt

After I heard that the costs for the project will be paid by different patrons and private supporters and that the 200 trees will continue to have a good life after their performance, I thought: “To every age its art”. If our art consists in bringing pictures to life which can teach us to think differently and maybe even to feel differently, then I support "For Forest" with all my heart.

Max Müller, singer and actor