Fact Sheet: Larch, Larix decidua

🇮🇹 Larice

🇫🇷 Mélèze

Plant group: Woody plant / shrub

Subgroup: Conifers

Family: Pinaceae

Native to: CH, DE, AT

Originates in: Europe, North Africa

Habitus: large tree, cone-shaped when young, unevenly broad with age

Height: 20.00 - 30.00 m

Inside / outside: perennial outdoors

Flower: yellow, red

Flowering period: March to May

Fruit colour: brown / beige / grey

Fruit season: September to October

Scion / trunk: brown / grey, green

Leaf shape: needles, soft

Leaf margin: entire

Leaf arrangement: accumulate / individually on young shoots

Foliage: deciduous