Klaus Littmann

Klaus Littmann grew up in Basel, Switzerland, studied at Düsseldorf Art Academy with Joseph Beuys and established himself as a mediator of contemporary art.

He made his name through unique solo and group exhibitions positioned in diverse contexts. After many years working within gallery and museum spaces, he started presenting theme oriented art exhibitions in the public arena. Underlying each of his complex and unique projects is a dichotic tension highlighting the artist’s preoccupation with everyday culture and the confrontation between contemporary art and urban spaces.

Mediation work

Littmann's ability to discover previously unknown creative talent as well as his collaboration with internationally known artists are the determinant quality factors in his mediation work and in every project he delivers. Public interest for Littmann Kulturprojekte, as well as media response to his work, has grown immensily throughout the years.

Past projects

A selection of internationally renowned artists Littmann has worked with include: Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Tony Cragg, Guillaume Bijl, César, Jean Tinguely, Dieter Roth, Leon Golub, Keith Haring, Michel Blazy, Job Koelewijn, Daniel Buren, Subodh Gupta, Daniel Spoerri, Niki de Saint Phalle, Peter Kogler, Katharina Sieverding, among many others.

Past projects in public spaces include:

  • Jardin des Planètes (Basel. 2018)
  • Real Fiction Cinema Tour (Switzerland, 2010-2012); Real Fiction Cinema (Shanghai, 2015); Real Fiction Cinema (Dongguan, CHN, 2016)
  • Move for Life (Paris, 2011); Move for Life (Biennale de Lyon, 2011)
  • Public Viewing (Shanghai, 2007)
  • Engel (Basel, 2002)
  • Senteurs et couleurs du Maroc (Marrakech, Foundation Dar Bellarj, 2000)
  • Un mois de lecture des Bâlois mit César (Basel, 1996)

Past exhibitions and installations:

  • Paris Sans Fin (Cecina, Italy, 2018)
  • Faces of Football (Vigo & La Coruña, Spain, 2008)
  • Kultort Stadion (Basel, 2003 & Barcelona, 2008)
  • Christo & Jeanne-Claude (Madrid, 2006)
  • Keith Haring Editions on Paper (Madrid, Vitoria & Valencia, Spain, 2005-2006)
  • Neuer Supermarkt mit Guillaume Bijl (Basel, 1998)
  • China Now (1996) und Keith Haring Editions on Paper Wanderausstellung (Hiroshima, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Japan, 1994)
  • Drogen – Welt in Trance (Switzerland, 1991 & Austria, 1993)
  • Fussball in der Vitrine (Switzerland, 1982 & Vienna, 1993)
  • Unnatural Bodies with Jim Whiting (Basel, Zürich, Köln, 1988 & Berlin, 1989)
  • Das Auto in der Vitrine (Basel, 2005-2006, Frankfurt, 1983 & Thun, 1985)

Cultural Award of the City of Basel

In 2002, Klaus Littmann was awarded the Cultural Award of the City of Basel. Over eighty art projects realized by Littmann in Switzerland and abroad have been documented in catalogues and books.


Alberto Giacometti: „Paris sans fin“