The climate-culture-pavilion had to be postponed due to Covid-19.
We’ll see you in Spring/Summer 2021!

The climate-culture-pavilion had to be postponed due to
We’ll see you in
Spring/Summer 2021!

The capital of Styria is celebrating the Kulturjahr 2020 this year. To celebrate this cultural year, the population has come together to stage different cultural, environmental and urban projects in the whole city (programme in German here). Breathe Earth Collective is also taking part in these events with a Climate-Culture-Pavilion.

The Climate-Culture-Pavilion: Fresh air for Graz

Urban spaces are getting hotter every summer, and with little or no vegetation available, people long for a light breeze. With nearly 100m² the Climate-Culture-Pavilion and its forested oasis will provide fresh air for the Freiheitsplatz in Graz. 8 to 10 For Forest trees will be placed in the pavilion’s forest to produce oxygen and the shade necessary to cool down the air. With this installation, Breath Earth Collective raises awareness for the importance of green areas in cities.

Come together

People can come into the pavilion for a breath of fresh air on a hot day, to sit down for a while with a book, to relax… But not only. The collective is also planning a colourful programme in the pavilion with lectures and cultural events about “climate culture”. Everyone can take part in the organisation of this programme and suggest activities and events.

The Breathe Earth Collective

Breathe Earth Collective is an open network of interdisciplinary designers, artists and architects. They are a Think- and Do-Tank that conceptualizes ecosystems combining plants, air and architecture. Air and climate, both source and medium for life on earth, are central to Breathe Earth Collective’s work in finding innovative solutions to the challenges of our time.

Since 2013 they have conceptualized and realized projects at different scales such as the Austrian pavilion for the Milan Expo 2015 as well as their Airship concept in Milan, Rom, Vienna and Bordeaux. The Climate-Culture-Pavilion is the first climate installation by Breathe Earth Collective in Graz.

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