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Oktober, 2019

This is a repeating event

09Okt20:00Theater - Klagenfurter EnsembleDer 13. Gesang der Hölle – Inner chant20:00 theaterHALLE11Veranstaltungstyp:Theater



The “Inner Chant” will be performed seven times at the “klagenfurter ensemble” in theatre hall named TheaterHALLE11. Its text, composed by Peter Wagner, builds on Dante Alighieri’s metaphorical piece titled the 13th Chant, wherein the souls of suicidal people and squanderers are incarcerated within trees and scrubs. Peter Wagner brings the imprisonment of desperate people into the present, including those who are committing or have committed suicide in one way or another as well as those who treat their resources in a degenerative manner. As such, he tells the story of the modern human’s increasing alienation from its roots.


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Image: Der 13. Gesang der Hölle – Innengesang ©Grafik und Design: Eveline Rabold ©Foto: Peter Wagner


(Mittwoch) 20:00



Messeplatz 1/11, 9020 Klagenfurt

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